Spartan boys finished first or first and second in every event. The boys 200 medley and 200 free relay saw both boys teams finishing first and second.

The boys medley relay team of Mathew Peterkort, Caden Spangler, Aeden Gifford and Nathan Claxton claimed first place and the medley relay team of Danil Kryuchkov, Brennan Rives, Payton Estes and Horace Leaks placed second.

Claxton was first in the 200 free while Nicolas Kociemba was second. Spangler was first in the individual medley and Gifford was second. Dennis Contreras was first in the 50 free and Peterkort was first in the 100 fly. Peterkort placed first in the 100 free and Estes was second. The 500 free was won by Claxton.

The 200 free relay was won by Spangler, Gifford, Peterkort and Claxton. Second in the 200 free relay was the team of Marcus Wolkenhauer, Keith Wright, Andres Contreras, and Kociemba. Spangler placed first in the backstroke and Wolkenhauer was second. The 100 breaststroke was claimed by D. Contrares, with Rives and Wright finishing second and third respectively. The final event, the 400 free relay was won by the team of Leake, A. Contrares, Estes, and Kociemba.