Spartans News · Boys Lacrosse Going in the Right Direction

Class of 2018! (Left to Right: Donovan Dodge, Ethan Sanderson, Coach Almquist, & Caden Smith)

Boys Lacrosse finished their 2018 Season with a record of 2-10. Although it was not a “winning season,” the boys played their hearts out and improved from a win-less season the year before. Only 7 players returned from last year, the rest were all new to the team and/or to the sport. The Spartans also played almost their entire season with 1 to 2 subs per game due to grades and season-ending injuries. A big impact from 2017 to 2018 was also the loss of 7 Seniors, majority playing defense. After this season, the Spartans are only losing 3 Seniors; Caden Smith, Ethan Sanderson, and Donovan Dodge. It may not seem like a BIG loss, but all 3 Seniors were offensive players that played an impact this season; especially Senior-Captain, Caden Smith.

Next year, the Spartans will have higher expectations. With the taste of winning a game, the boys plan to continue the success by claiming a playoff bid in 2019. Next year will be the return of 3 more Seniors; Noah George, Garret Moore, and Harrison Welsh. All 3 plan to make 2019 their best year with also the plans to be recruited by a college.

Thank you to all who have and continue to show their support to our growing program. We strive to make you proud with our Spartan Pride.