Spartans News · Water Polo’s last home game is Tuesday Oct 23rd!

Hillsboro high school water polo team has it’s last home game on Tuesday vs West Salem.

This is your last time to see these Seniors below play water polo in Hillsboro.

Nathan Claxton (offense wing)
Jacob Godfrey (defense flat)
Trevor Griffin (outside scorer)
Miranda Dickinson (offense wing)
Rena French (offense wing)
Camryn Maurer (goalie)
Shawna Ashley Ingram (holeguard, defense)
Bianca Stefan (holeguard, defense)

These games will be competitive match-ups, with extra long range scorers, lots of speed, dunking, shoving, and fun game play.

Don’t miss out! Cost is free!

SHARC swim center’s outdoor pool

JV 5:45 pm     Varsity Girls 6:45 pm    Varsity Boys 7:45 pm