2019 Athletes of the Month

2019 Athletes of the Month

These athletes were voted by our Hilhi head coaches. Congratulations to all of our amazing athletes!

January – Chris Day and Rena French


Chris Day wrestled for our boys varsity wrestling team and Rena French swam on Hilhi’s girls varsity swim team.


February – Nick Peterson and Ayana Medina


Nick Peterson wrestled for the boys varsity wrestling team and Ayana Medina wrestled for the varsity girls wrestling team.


March – Daniel Popovych and Shawna Ashley Ingram 


Daniel Popovych and Shawna Ashely Ingram both participated on our varsity Track and Field team.


April – Huan Tran and Sydney Lierman


Huan Tran participated on the varsity boys tennis team and Sydney Lierman played for our varsity softball team.


May – Margaret Shively and Kammeron Mecham


Margaret Shively played on our varsity girls tennis team and Kam played on Hilhi’s varsity baseball team.

September – Kane Kiaunis and McKenzie Staub


Kane Kiaunis plays on our varsity football team and McKenzie plays on Hilhi’s girls varsity soccer team.


October – Nate Smith and Taliya Miyama


Nate Smith plays on our varsity football team and Taliya Miyama plays on Hilhi’s girls varsity soccer team.

November – Gaby Tena and Maya French


Gaby plays for our varsity boys soccer team and Maya plays on our girls water polo team.

December – Paul Atencio and Kylie Fernstrom


Paul is on our varsity boys swim team and Kylie plays for our girls varsity basketball team.